Types of Sectional Sofa Designs

Sectional sofas are very popular right now. Not only for their capability to accommodate a whole family member, even plus visitors, but also their role as the balance caster in the living room. They are almost claimed as one of the must-have items to complete the set.

But even so, not every sectional sofa out there fits in the look of the room. It is, of course, significant for you to know what sectional sofa design goes in with what living room style you have, because it is not something you could pick oh-so-whatever and buy on spot. In deciding living room style, investing good seating, in this case it‘s sectional sofa, is on the list of few basic aspects you should consider one step earlier. See? It is called investing, not randomly buying.

So, this article is presented, hopefully, to give you some views in weighing before deciding what kind of sectional sofa you eventually will buy. Here is the list about types of sectional sofa grouped in categories.

1. Sectional Shape
The three general shapes are L-shape, U-shape, and semi-circular. Yet you can add another shape combination to them with modular sectionals, especially five piece sectionals.
a. L-Shape
This sectional shape has longer and shorter portion. Each portion is either in the right side or left side. So you have to be aware about your living room direction. The longer portion of the sofa has to be placed against the right wall with the arm sticks out on the side in such a way that fits your room.
b. U-Shape
Unlike L-shape that has longer and shorter portion of the sofa, U-shape has similar portion at both its ends.
c. Semi-Circular
Semi-circular is unique. It has the shape of circle cut in half, and has no pointy angle. Thus place it in the middle of the room is the best plan.

2. Styles
Choosing sectional style is not an act of deliberation. It is bound by the color and theme of what interior design plan you have. Remember, living room furniture can greatly affect the beauty of the room itself. So choose one of these styles below wisely that best fits your living room looks.
a. Contemporary Sectional Sofas
b. Modern Sectional Sofas
c. Traditional Sectional Sofas
d. Coastal Sectional Sofas
e. Mid-Century Sectional Sofas
f. Cottage/Country Sectional Sofas

3. Design
Five designs of sectional sofa you can put into consideration. These types of sectional sofas commonly used by many people.
a. Stationary
Stationary sectionals come in one piece, unlike modular that commonly has three or five pieces. It is better for sectionals to link the pieces together in order to keep the shape in place.
b. Modular Sofa Design
Typically, the pieces of modular sectionals are designed individually. Some of the pieces even could be counted as standalone furniture. The styles are yours to configure, no limitation whatsoever. So be creative with this sectional style.
c. Reclining Sectionals
Reclining types are preferably not placed in the living room. Their relaxing function makes them comfortable to be family or media rooms’ furniture.
d. Sofa/Chaise Sectionals
Chaise sectionals are basically seating stuck on top of divan, but the divan can still be used as recliner separately.
e. Home Theatre Style
This style name is taken from its function that best fits media room or family room, like reclining styles.

4. Material/Upholstery
The following is material bases that we commonly find to be the sofa covering. Try to sit on them one by one in order to sense what they are like. Since sofa’s durability, comfort, and appearance depend on its material, you have to pick it thoughtfully.
a. Leather
b. Polyester
c. Faux Leather
d. Microfiber
e. Chenille

5. Pattern
Having patterned sectional is good, the list is as follows. If it fits your room theme, then it will surely draw all family members’ attention. But if it does not, just be cool, there’s still solid. Cheers!
a. Solid
b. Floral
c. Striped
d. Plaid

6. Back Style
It is almost impossible to have a straight back when it comes to sitting at sectionals. You lean on such comfortable seating, right? Therefore, sectional back style is as important as its whole design and materials. Here are the options.
a. Cushion Back
Cushion back sectionals are softer and more luxurious than tight back ones since it has cushioning attached at the back of the sofa.
b. Tight Back
Its name is indeed tight, but it’s not as tight as it looks. Try to sit on it, and then you will get what I mean.
c. Pillow Back
Unlike cushioned sectionals which cushions are inseparable with the sofa, pillow back sectionals have detachable pillows that can makes you comfortable in any way you want it to.
d. Camel Back
Camel back sectional is classic. But you could put it into consideration if you’re looking for something classy.

7. Arm Style
Eight arm sectional styles are here, pick one that is up to your liking.
a. Pillow Top Arms
This arm style commonly come with attached back cushioned sectionals. It is ideal for lying down on.
b. Track Arms
Track arm styles are firmer than pillow tops. It pops out on the edge of the seating.
c. Round Arms
Round arm ones are typically cushioned and they have the shape of a cylinder.
d. Armless
This sectional style has no arms on both ends or no arm on one side.
e. Recessed Arms
Recessed arm sectionals have arms that don’t extend to the seating edge.
f. Flared Arms
These styles’ arms panhandle outward

8. Other Notable Features
Lastly, these following two are not included in any sectional categories mentioned above. They are:
a. Storage/Console
Storage or console sectionals are multifunctional types, usually they are added with some aid to place a glass of drink or to keep some stuffs needed in the room like remote TV.
b. Slip-covered
These sectional designs have their bottom parts covered by some fabrics that fit the whole set.

So! You’ve learned the easy way to understand that there are plenty of sectional sofa designs, right? Hope you don’t repeat somebody else’s mistake in buying sectional sofas because he/she doesn’t do research before picking up the sofas from the store to his/her home.

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