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If you choose a rug for your home, you can be surprised by the number of options. Many types of carpets are on the market, not only in terms of materials and colors, but in the way they are created and their structural benefits. The best carpets home depends on your planned use or location.

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Cut pile

Cut pile rugs include fiber loops that have been cut. The fibers are individual filaments with defined ends that can be crushed in different weight-based directions when walking on. Carpet of cut hair is luxurious and works very well if you want a carpet by its appearance and feels more than its usefulness.

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Textured rugs are also cut hair carpets, but have twisted fibers that provide a layered look. They also have a multicolor appearance, which can hide small amounts of dirt or small spots. This carpet works best in areas that are not in constant use, but can benefit from the qualities of hidden stains, such as canteens. Textured carpets with the strongest materials are considered best.

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Loop stack

Looped carpeting is made of dense fiber loops sewn on a strong base, but these loops are continuous, unlike the cut-hair rugs. The result is a flat, soft-looking carpet that cannot be damaged as easily as other types of carpets. Looped carpet works best at the entrances and living rooms, where you use the carpet often and it has to last a long time.

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Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are square carpet, usually about 18 inches, which you can install as well as other types of tiles across a floor. Although its installation requires more work than another carpet installation, it works best if you want a special look for your carpet or want to experiment with alternating different colors of the carpet, creating patterns or a border to separate your carpeted areas of other types of floors.

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