Top 5 Grandest and Biggest Hotels in the World

When going to visit a country, a hotel is a place to stay, especially for some people staying in hotels, especially classy ones, which will give a special impression to them, especially for those who have never felt the experience of living in a magnificent and the biggest hotel in the world.

In this modern era, there are indeed many hotels, in fact almost every country has a hotel as a place to stay for those who visit, starting from the cheap, medium and high-class rates. because hotels have an important role in helping the country’s economy. for the hotel community is a substitute home so it is very helpful when they travel somewhere. That is why many business people are building the grandest and largest and most luxurious hotels in the world with exceptional room facilities and services.

Here are the 5 biggest and biggest hotels in the world plus one hotel:

1. First World Hotel
The first, grandest and largest hotel in the world is located in our neighboring country Malaysia, located in the Genting Highlands Resort. to go to this hotel from Kuala Lumpur using a 1.5-hour bus, while the cable car from Genting Skyway Station to the Highlands Hotel takes 11 minutes, followed by a 10-minute walk. First World Hotel has more than 6,000 rooms with fan facilities to cool the cool mountain air, tea and coffee making facilities, as well as safes in each room. In addition, the hotel is also directly connected to the 46,451 square meter indoor amusement park, mall, and artificial tropical forest. First World Hotel has more than 80 shops, more than 90 fast food restaurants, casinos, sophisticated Cineplex and karaoke bars.

2. MGM Grand Hotel
The grandest and second largest hotel after First World Hotel is the MGM Grand Hotel located in Las Vegas, United States with a total of 5,044 rooms with all first-class facilities. MGM Grand hotel Las Vegas is a casino hotel located on the Las Vegas Strip, which opened as a Hollywood-themed resort. The hotel is owned and operated by MGM Mirage, a building height of 293 feet (89 m) / 30 stories. The hotel is equipped with more than 20 fast-food restaurants, casino bars, super-large swimming pools, and two very beautiful and magnificent wedding halls. if you go to America go straight to Las Vegas if you want to stay overnight.

3. Luxor Hotels
The third largest and grandest hotel is still from the city of Las Vegas in the United States namely the Luxor Hotel was built with the concept of an Egyptian atmosphere so it is very unique. The building is shaped like a Spink and the pyramid is engraved. The hotel is able to accommodate many guests because it has 4408 rooms. even in it there is also a lot of ancient Egyptian furniture, such as mummies and spinks.

4. Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel
Ambassador City Jomtien is the grandest and fourth largest hotel located in Thailand with about 4,239 rooms. For those of you who like surfing or outside the hotel, there is a beach that stretches over 40 hectares which is perfect for surfing. In addition, Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel also has a variety of sports facilities such as super wide jogging tracks, tennis, squash volleyball, and other water sports facilities.

5. Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Hotel
You must often hear the hawai, now the fifth largest and grandest hotel in Honolulu, the Hawaiian Village Beach Hotel, which has around 3,386 rooms. For those of you who want to see wildlife, there is a special breeding habitat for wildlife here. not only that this hotel also has a beach area of ​​3,000 meters.

6. Grand Hotel Palazzo
Well, the grandest and largest hotel in the world, the Palazzo Hotel with a hotel atmosphere similar to an Italian villa. This Palazzo hotel is located in Las Vegas America and has 3,066 rooms. the large hotel rooms are furnished with super luxurious living rooms and families.

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