Top 10 Restaurant Menu Templates with Creative Designs

Restaurants that take the time to think about their menu books are able to operate better compared to other restaurants that don’t. Menu design is very important to convince consumers to order certain items. The restaurant is able to make consumers return to try menus that have not had time to order when they first arrive. Choosing the right menu template can significantly increase restaurant revenue.

Menu design is not just a matter of showing all the menus a restaurant has! Basically it is a strategic arrangement of items so that menus that want to sell more (or are already sold) are displayed clearly.

You must plan the menu before printing it. For example, emphasize the eye-scanning pattern of visitors while minimizing (or even hiding) the Rupiah symbol on the menu.

Proper menu design is very important. This determines between confused consumers and rare sales or consumers who order food that you display clearly.

Envato Market has everything you need for restaurant menu design templates that are suitable for your restaurant.

At the same time, print designers and marketers have a large selection of menu templates for restaurant owners to choose from. Start searching in the following inspirational design choices.
Creative Restaurant Menu Templates

Here are 20 restaurant menu templates with attractive designs and comprehensive features. This template is equipped with design options that are flexible and ready to print.

1. Food Menu Template Bundles

This modern, clean and attractive menu template is suitable for all types of food. This template is minimalist, designed with columns that make it easy for visitors to choose a menu quickly.

Use this template for all types of restaurants, from steak houses and bars to cafes and canteens. This template is fully-layered, organized file and neat menu layout, so you can sit quietly because it has displayed your best dishes to consumers.

2. Blackboard Restaurant Menu Design

This clear, modern and beautiful menu design is perfect for use in multipurpose restaurants. Featuring a black-and-white, minimalist layout and beautiful font selection, so the writing is easy for your visitors to read.

Focus on the main dishes of your restaurant with a neat layout and brilliant design. With Photoshop PSD format and images that can be changed to be easily customized, this template is a beauty of its own.

3. Cafe Menu Flyer + Name Card

With a pleasant, calm color theme and contrasting colors on the main menu that make it stand out clearly, this flyer steals the attention everywhere.

Both the compartmentalization of contents and the use of unique fonts, the design of this menu is suitable for simple restaurants or cafes, steakhouses and even fast food shops. This flyer has both A4 and letter sizes to be flexible in marketing.

4. Trifold Menu Template with Business Cards

If you want full customization on the menu, then this template can fulfill it. It can be arranged in such a way as to the color palette, objects, images, text, and content, making it look easy to display your best-selling menu items.

Ready to print and fully layered, this multipurpose menu template is suitable for whatever type of restaurant you are running. Equipped with JPG images and Photoshop PSD files.

5. Restaurant Menu Template

Attract the attention and appetite of visitors with the design of this menu, which is well designed and neat. Good for creating impressions and making visitors spread their experience by word of mouth, this template is suitable for a variety of uses.

Both the bar, restaurant, grill and catering, with this user-friendly template, you will successfully display the special dishes that you have and make visitors interested in the dishes. This template has Photoshop PSD graphic files and full customization with text and images that can be edited easily.

6. Asphalt Food Menu Flyer Template

Every restaurant owner wants a simple and attractive menu design – delivering clear and persuasive information. This food menu template can appeal to any type of restaurant owner, prioritizing multipurpose creative design. If you want to sell your restaurant specialties more than before, this template is the right choice, because it displays the best-selling items on the front.

7. American Burger Menu

The restaurant menu design has a clean design, large font and attractive presentation. Make your most delicious dishes easily seen by hungry visitors with clearly visible division templates, easy-to-read font choices and charming color choices.

Don’t be fooled by its name: This template can turn into a menu for restaurants, cafes and steakhouses. Ready to print, this menu is also compatible with Adobe CS4 or newer versions.

8. Advertising Magazine / Fruit Juice Menu Flyer

Filled with color and brightness, this fantastic menu template can be fully customized. Have a restaurant that you want to design a menu for?

This is the right choice because it has A4 and letter sizes; text that can be replaced, and images that you can exchange. In short, this is a restaurant menu design that will help you sell more dishes and encourage better word of mouth promotion.

9. Sailor Restaurant Packages

This fresh, decent-looking menu template uses neutral colors, solid background colors and black letters that make your main dish stand out. Equipped with Photoshop PSD graphic files, this design organizes your restaurant dishes in organized rows and columns that are easy to understand. This template is compatible with Adobe CS6 or later to edit it.

10. Clean Restaurant Menu

This is a versatile restaurant menu design, this template is perfect for restaurants serving burgers, vegetarian food, sushi and more! With a clean, fresh and full of energy design, this template is perfect for attracting visitors to the most luxurious dishes on your menu. The use of large and bold letters helps visitors in reading it. In essence, you will get a menu template that is ready to print and has five unique layouts to choose from.

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