How to Build Your Own Swimming pool in Home

In fact in weekend go to swimming pool near my college and feel fresh there there are some shape pool you can find there, swimming pool with round shape ,square along with rectangular shape design and and have different depths and pictures of swimming pool below we can emulate and build it in the backyard with add some furniture like day bed sofa and patio with shade. Swimming pool can also be used as a means to eliminate fatigue as well as to get freshness. Because it would be a certain satisfaction in the house there is a swimming pool that can be used as much without looking at the time, as in a swimming pool in a public place.When you still have vacant land, do not leave it where it is. Make your own pool, so do not bother if you want to do this kind of sport. Moreover, if the location of the land behind the house. Because the private pool is best if you are in the back. Although located in the open, but swimming pools including a private area that should be protected from the view of others.There are several forms of pool design that is often made in the home. If you want to create the impression of natural, pool shaped like a curve and a circle or figure 8 is the best option. But unfortunately, if you want to form a design like this available land should be large enough.

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swimming pool designs and plans swimming pool design plans design with swimming pool design  How to Build Your Own Swimming pool in Home

How to build your own pool in home

If the available land is limited, you should choose a design shaped or rectangular box. Besides it takes place, such as the design model also does not take a long time because of the workmanship is also shorter.In order not to appear monotonous, swimming pool and a rectangular-shaped box can be explored by using a system called overflow, which is a concept that keeps the water in the pond is not just silent, but it will keep moving or flowing on the edge of the pool.

18 best kidney shaped inground swimming pool designs for backyard pertaining to swimming pool design  How to Build Your Own Swimming pool in Home

For depth, taking into account who will be using the pool will be. If there is a young child especially not smart to swim, would have to be adjusted to the conditions, especially the problem of age and height. If you feel confused, do the comparisons in the pools used for public. The managers with this type typically use a fixed standard, in accordance with the conditions of its users.

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Then for the swimming pool construction, there are two types of pool constructions. The first is by using conventional systems, where the pipes were used as drains placed at the bottom of the pond. Pipes are used to channel water into the tank and deliver water that has been cleaned or filtered to flow back into the pool.

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The type of construction of the second one is using the system integration. By using this system of planting pipe under the pool is not required. Due to filtering or cleaning water using concepts or structures that are attached to the pool. So the place that used to distribute and clean the water shot in the lips or in the pool.To be the most powerful, the construction made using cast concrete systems using dual iron. If the concrete is dry, check, whether there is a leak or not. Do the Arm-time for this work to believe there is no leakage. Because if the leak was discovered after the pool so, it would be inconvenient and time-consuming and cost, because they have no demolition.

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The last stage of the manufacture of the pool was closing the walls. For the walls and base, can use the same type of ceramic. As for the lips could use other types. As for the color, which is a favorite of course, blue and white. Since both of these colors will bring a fresh impression. However, for a color like white, consider first because the color is more easily soiled as well as more difficult to clean.In order to look more beautiful, if possible place on the edge of the pool can be a garden, umbrella or chair seats for relaxing or sleeping.

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