13 Option about Slot Form Furniture Design Ideas

Slot form furniture design is a common design around us every day, most of the time we do not notice the present of this kind furniture. This slot furniture is designed to safe more space in our house room, especially when we got a small house with limited space room, especially in the apartment.

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The most common slot form furniture that we meet in many houses is the slot bed. This slot bed is one kind the slot furniture that very useful in our bedroom, especially when we have small size bedroom that are not going to fit with California king size bed. Extra slotted bed will very useful if there is any sleepover friend.

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Other slot form furniture that we usually use is the slotted book tray or letter tray. This slot tray is look very simple, and most of the time we do not recognize the real shape of this tray. But when we take a look this tray for a while, we are going to be realizing that this is the simplest slot furniture.

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Or we can use the new simple slot furniture that very useful to safe our space in our house, the slot table. This kind of slot table is very easy to fold into a table form when we need this table, and if we have finish to use this table we can unfold this slot form furniture back into wooden board.

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