Safety Fences for Swimming Pools

In the previous article, we already know what is Pool Safety Fence. Now we talk more about the features and characteristics of the swimming pool safety fences.

Features of swimming pool safety fences

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Generally, a place where there is a swimming pool is very attractive for everyone, and especially for children. However, swimming pools pose a risk for children who do not know how to swim, so it is necessary to always take precautions, such as having safety fences especially when there is no one watching the area.

In many places there are regulations that establish the safety requirements that must have the fences in the pool area, mainly aimed at protecting and sheltering young children. The provisions can be applicable for both private and public pools, whether family or collective, that must have protection barriers that prevent children from reaching the water.

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Characteristics of swimming pool safety fences

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Although they may vary depending on the location, the pool safety fences must generally meet the following characteristics:

  • They must have locking and blocking elements in the access areas.
  • Minimum height of 1.20 meters.
  • Not be scalable.
  • They must withstand a horizontal force of 0.5 KN/M.
  • They must not have gaps so that a 10 cm sphere can be inserted.
  • In some cases the rules allow to replace the use of fences by other systems, such as architectural or ornamental barriers, provided that the same level of security is reached.


Pool safety fences allow you to create a passive barrier to restrict children’s access to the 0-5-year-old. To be considered in accordance with the laws of most countries, they must be designed so that young children cannot pass them over or through them, so they are manufactured with sturdy and resilient materials, and with a non-scalable disposition. In addition, the access door to the pool must be self-closing with auto-locking system.

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swimming pools safety fences allstateloghomes pertaining to swimming pool safety fences Safety Fences for Swimming Pools

There is an immense range of safety fences for swimming pools depending on the characteristics of the area, its dimensions and those of the swimming pool, if they are for public or private spaces, the traffic of the area, the desired appearance, if it is required that it is fixed or detachable, and more.

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The safety fences can be of different materials, such as metal mesh, net-type synthetic wire mesh, of transparent methacrylate sheets mounted on aluminium mouldings and some other materials. In terms of style, they can have from very simple designs to very decorative styles. They may also be designed for the protection of children under the age of 5 or for more general purposes, such as protection and/or privacy.

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Some manufacturers offer modular fences, in such a way that the user selects the model and the dimensions most appropriate to their needs and budget. In many cases the installation is very simple, because only a drill is required to drill the points where the anchors of the poles are to be fixed, usually with expansion plugs. This type of fence can be adjusted and/or dismantled at any time, for example when the pool is not used, and there is no difficulty in storage.

Some fences have automatic closing doors or double-action systems that small children cannot handle, but for adults it can be very simple. Some have automatic return and key lock for security. The variety is so great that before buying any security fence it is advisable to get good advice from a professional.

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