Great 18 Prefab Sheds For Your Garden

A prefab shed is a small steel building similar to a garage kit that you can buy from any local home improvement store. They’re useful for adding affordable extra storage space in backyards. The best part is that you do not have to pour foundation for these pieces, as they are meant to be mobile.

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That said, they are quite heavy and difficult to move once they are assembled and put in place, so it is good to put some thought into where you are going to put your prefabricated building before you put it in place. The first decision you’re going to have to make about your shed is going to be what kind of building material you’re going to want to use for your shed. There are two main types here, metal and timber. Timber prefab sheds tend to have a larger general maintenance cost and effort, however they do look better than their metal counterparts.

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The other thing you’re going to have to take into account is rain, as metal will rust, do you get a lot of rain where you live, or is there very little? If there is lots of rain here you live and the shed won’t be protected by trees or any other cover, it might be better to get a wooden building, as with weather treatment, the wood tends to handle the rain much better than metal.

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Metal needs to have an anti-rust treatment regularly applied, and while wooden buildings do need a treatment it does not need to be done as often. The next major decision you’re going to have to make is construction style. There are a few common styles for prefab sheds, apex and pent. Pent allowed for extra headroom without a significant increase in height, and apex is the classical “garage-type” sloped roof. Again, one is more effective, while the other looks much, much better. The pent design, with the roof sloping down toward one side to allow rain to run off, is best put up against the side of the house with the door perpendicular to it, while the apex design is usually meant to be put off away from another house, apex sheds are usually bigger.

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The next decision that needs to be made is “how big do I want it?” the shed needs to be big enough to work in and to house all of the tools and other things you want to store in it (lawnmowers, bikes, etc). First you need to assess the space that you have, measure carefully so that you don’t wind up with a larger building than you can fit into the space that you have. Moving fences is a pain, and you might have to if you overestimate the size of your building. After you’ve decided the type of material, the roof style, and the size of the prefab building you want to purchase, you should go out and purchase it!

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Be sure to shop around different home improvement stores to look at different models and sizes, to choose the one that’s right for you. These types of buildings are usually fairly cheap, you should never spend more than one or two thousand dollars on a building like this, and it can be a great addition to the storage space existing in your home.

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