Is a Prefab Modern Home For You

These days people always want the best design for their home to make them feel comfort when they spend the day there. Its not just comfort for the owner of the home, but also comfort for the guest who comes to visit. Some people also wish and want that they can maintain their home by them self. So, it may be smaller homes that are needed by someone that has a little family. You may be attracted to the prefab housing system which can be attractive with affordable prices and can also be customized to meet with your individual needs. Nowadays, there are also available many small homes with prefab modern designs that suit people with for smaller families and also for vacations. Here you can take a look some of the companies that manufacture the modern small home model which can give you inspiration for your own designs.

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1. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company was founded in 1997. The company which was started by Jay Schafer is known as the pioneer in creating the small home for living. The main purpose of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is creating and designing the small homes with low impact architecture and really attractive designs. All the general sizes of the prefab modern homes have been created with less than 800 square feet where the smallest home is 65 square feet while the biggest home is 774 square feet. You can also ask the home that comes on wheel.

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2. Rocio Romero

Rocio Romero is a designer who runs her architectural work in French, Canada, Chili, and United States. Her line is prefabrication homes, which include the residential homes, gallery, furniture, and interior. Rocio Romero also offers a small space for home living that comes with an affordable home budget. The small prefab modern home offered is called LV mini which configured with one kitchen, one bedroom, one bathroom, one living or dining area. The size of LV mini is 625 square feet.

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3. Clayton Homes

Clayton homes launched a small prefab modern home with a size 723 square feet. For a little family, you may like this i-house because it comes in with a affordable price and is completed with green features. The green features you can get at the i-house are the floor designed with bamboo, Energy Star appliances, low e-window, no VOC paint, and rainwater catchment system. To make an order on the i-house, you can visit the web site. Based on your zip code, they will show you the estimation of the shipping cost.

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clayton homes gen now rendering house with regard to Clayton homes Is a Prefab Modern Home For You

4. Little House on Trailer

Do you like travelling? You may like this Little House on Trailer because this mobile home can be transported anywhere you want. The Little House trailer is a prefab modern home designed by Marshall’s company with traditional techniques. You can ask for any custom design you want and the size of the home is up to 400 square feet.

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5. Katrina Cottage

If live in an area which is familiar with storms, you may need a low cost emergency home. Architect Marianne Cusato designed the Katrina Cottage which was developed after the Hurricane Katrina. The Katrina Cottage comes with size a 380 square feet and a eco-friendly design which has become one of popular prefab modern homes around.

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