How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Knowing how to organize kitchen cabinets is essential when designing a new kitchen, when you enter a new apartment that already owns it or if you want to tidy up your existing kitchen.

In fact, not only the necessary for cooking to cram in the cupboards is potentially infinite, but it also tends to a continuous and constant accumulation over time. The more the years pass more glasses, plates, pans, pots, small appliances add up, without a precise order. In this way not only the space is (especially in a small kitchen), but it is also difficult to find what you need, and especially find it quickly.

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Let’s see, then, how to organize kitchen cabinets thanks to some advice and some easy tricks to put into practice.

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Give or throw away the superfluous. In the kitchen, as in other rooms, there is always something too, which we never use, between crockery and equipment. Before trying to figure out how much space you need, do a superfluous cleaning, giving away or throwing what you don’t need. There are things that are used very rarely, such as the dishes of the “good service” or the large pots for the increasingly rare family lunches: You can also arrange these things outside the kitchen, such as in cupboards or buffet furniture.

how to organize kitchen cabinets

Measure the spaces well. When you buy the kitchen or some additional cabinet, measuring the space is essential to find what it does for us. Beliefs, in fact, exist of all forms and orientations, so it is better to buy something able to exploit the space at best.

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Keep at your fingertips what you use the most. When organizing kitchen cabinets you have to proceed by priority: what you use the most, which you have to reach several times a day, must be at hand, to take without stooping or without having to use a ladder.

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Always keep the material in the cabinets tidy. There are several methods to keep food, material and supplies in the cupboards well in order. If it is cans, it will be easy to stack everything; The smallest material such as sachets and jars can be placed in transparent boxes to find it and take it more easily; There are also small shelves to be inserted in the lockers to duplicate the spaces.

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how to organize kitchen cabinets

Make a periodic review of the kitchen material. Just because of the natural tendency to accumulate – but also to check deadlines and cleanliness – it is good to make a periodical review of the kitchen material, clean the lockers and throw what is ruined and no longer use. One or two times a year is the ideal frequency.

how to organize kitchen cabinets

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