Designing Prefab Modern Homes To Live In

In any probability in the future the architecture will evolve precisely in favor of the serial production, also leading to a significant decrease in the costs of realization, you are wondering what awaits us? Here we will answer presenting 12 examples of modern prefab homes that will leave you open-mouthed.

These beautiful house boast truly surprising projects, voted on the concept of eco-sustainability and therefore equipped with all the most modern innovations in the field of green architecture. The prefabricated houses that we are about to present can be built in very low times, we talk about the space of a few weeks, and with different materials: it goes from wood to cement passing through the metal.

As already mentioned, we have selected modular dwellings made in a modern style and therefore have a refined design, in some cases of luxury, which contributes to create comfortable and welcoming atmospheres.

2 Plus Classic by Marek Štěpán

2 PLUS Classic by Marek Štěpán

Created by architect Marek Štěpán, this splendid modern prefab house measures just 42.5 square meters but inside it contains all the amenities you could wish for. Cozy and elegant, the house has been designed according to the highest standards of energy efficiency and, wishing, can also be expanded simply by inserting new modules.

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Amalia House by Grille Architekten

prefabricated wooden houses

Made entirely of wood and capable of accommodating up to six people, this very House has been completely covered with artificial grass with the intention to put it better in the natural landscape that hosts it. Two levels designed according to a minimal and comfortable design, enriched by the presence of large windows.

BF House by OAB & Adi

prefab homes

Installed in Spain, the BF house is one of the most evocative examples of modern prefab homes made with a steel structure and inserted in a natural environment that leaves room for a garden that also becomes an inner courtyard. The aesthetic choices (for example the large windows) also become functional and transform it into a perfect ecological home.

Crossbox House by AG Architectes

small eco homes small home designs modular house pictures on throughout modern prefab homes colorado Designing Prefab Modern Homes To Live In

Industrial modules that intersect: living area on the ground floor, three bedrooms on the first floor and from the intersection of the 2 modules here is the entrance and parking space covered. This innovative architectural solution makes it possible to reduce considerably the cost of making a house equipped with all possible comforts.

Easy dome by Kar Thomsen and Ole Vanggaard

estonian prefabricated houses

The shape is reminiscent of an igloo and, thanks to a dome design, these cute wooden prefab houses offer low energy consumption and are an excellent example of sustainable construction. The easy home are available in different sizes and fit perfectly to any type of climate.

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G House of Praise Architecture

prefabricated wooden houses

Built on wood slabs that follow the slope of the ground, the G house is composed of foundations that favour the drainage of rainwater. It has been designed according to the principles of thermal insulation and boasts a warm and welcoming design: really everything you could want.

Loftcube of Aisslinger & Bracht

prefab homes loft

We could define it as a real example of futuristic architecture where technology, practicality, aesthetics and hospitality blend perfectly. This beautiful loft, with clean and luminous lines, has windows at 360 °, thermal insulation: A prefab house really dream.

Prefabricated Marble Radziner House

prefab homes marmol radziner

To see it is difficult to believe that it is a prefabricated house and, instead, those realized by the company Marmol Radziner are real examples of how architecture and design can coexist in the sign of low cost and energy saving. Everything you could want is at your fingertips, including a swimming pool with crystal clear waters.

PerrinePod by Jean-Mic Perrine

prefab homes PerrinePod

A perfect example of modern luxury and eco-sustainable architecture, the PERRINEPOD has a solar system, thermal insulation and many new green technologies. It can be developed in multiple sizes starting from complexes with a single bedroom and going up to 30 columns. The most surprising aspect? This House can be built in just 3 days.

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Standard House by KwK Promes Architects Konieczny

manufactured homes standards

The very circular shape makes this prefab house adaptable to any type of site, it has been conceived to meet the needs of families and to respect the environment: in fact, natural materials such as wood are used for its construction and it is equipped with all the necessary technologies for recycling and energy saving.

The Villa by Daniel Libeskind

prefab homes tasmania

If you want to meet all the highest standards of design, art and sustainability, the villa is certainly among the modern prefab houses that best center the goal. Made of high quality materials, such as zinc, this House has everything you could want in terms of comfort, energy saving and respect for the environment.

The Stack by Gluck +

The Stack by Gluck +

Is it possible to erect a building using prefabricated modules? In New York, the challenge is open and, by breaking down production costs, you will be able to make several apartments available in the space of a few weeks.

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