Top 30 Modern Modular Trends 2017

Public are already known about the unique of prefab home. That’s why many of prefab home company appear in business world to fulfill their need about prefab home. Every company brings their own unique and characteristic building as their passion and to attract their customer. Not all company designs the same prefab home, even if they have the same model of the prefab home. One of prefab home company that brings modern style is modern modular. Modern architectures are used to design and build their prefab home.

Modern Modular Home

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Modern modular is a prefab home company that located in Brooklyn, New York. They bring a simple prefab home with contemporary architecture, modern technology, and environmental sensitivity. The quality resulted in their prefab home is the best because they have partnership with American Renewable Energy, Environmental Home Centre, and Steeprock. First partner, American Renewable Energy provides the solutions to the building industries to make the energy efficient. Environmental responsibility and energy independence are the principles of American Renewable Energy.

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The Assembled Room

Modern Modular is using green building material to create their prefab building. The materials are supplied by the second Environmental Home Centre. The high quality of materials provided by Environmental Home Centre is natural carpets, non-toxic paint, energy efficient insulation, sustainable wood products, and people-friendly cleaning supplies. And the last partner is Steeprock. Steeprock which located in Colorado are known as pioneer in the area of nature, green, and sustainable building.

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The Shipping Process

There are several reasons why prefab home is chosen by modern modular as their main business. Maybe, these reasons can be your consideration to have a prefab home for living. Cost of build a prefab home is more efficient. Prefab home are built with pre-cutting materials. So, there are no waste materials which discard in vain. From the design process until the installation process is need the less labor. It helps you to ensure that lower risk of mistakes, no theft, and efficient manufacturing. Build a home are often worry about the weather because it would have affect in building process. But it is not happen when you build a prefab home because prefab home is quick to install. So you can define when you will install based on the good weather.

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The Installation Process

Building process, starts from the planning, designing, until installation are transparent to the customer. You will be shown about the detail, cost, and time consuming until the prefab home is finished. If you are looking at stick-built home with the same features and size, the prefab home is lower cost. But it doesn’t mean prefab home has lower quality too. Only high quality materials are used, so this prefab home has the high performance. Green building concept brought with EPA standard support the high performance of prefab home.

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If you want to start to build your prefab home with Modern Modular, you will pass the easy ways to build it. You just need to select the home model, customize it, prepare the site if the plan has been approved, delivery to the site and finally install your prefab home there.

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