Interior Paint Color and How it Affects Your Mood

Play with interior paint color has many advantages. There are millions of colors in the world, even infinite is caused by a combination of several colors and can produce new colors. Color can make a beautiful world. Each color affects mood. You need to be selective in choosing colors. Especially when you choose a color for the interior space. There are colors that can enhance the mood. There are also colors that can lower mood.

1. Yellow

interior paint color yellow

Yellow illustrates sunshine brings happiness and beauty. In a small room, a yellow room color settings can make the room look more spacious. But, though the yellow is cheerful colors, it’s not good for main color scheme when you are designing the interior. Yellow is also believed to cause frustration and anger.

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2. Violet or Purple

interior purple paint color

Purple is another color for romantic and passionate. Appeal purple senses both men and women. This is a cool color, creative and imaginative.

3. Red

interior red paint colors

Red describes the fire and enthusiasm. Red gives positive energy to the room. Adjusts the red color for the interior is believed to increase blood pressure, respiration rate, and heart rate.

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4. Orange

interior orange paint colors

Orange describe the enthusiasm, excitement and energetic colors. It is good for a treatment because it can heal and bring all the emotional stress. In ancient cultures, the orange room color settings can heal the lungs and increase energy.

5. Green

interior green paint colors

Green is believed to be the most restful color for the eye. It brings warmth, comfort, and togetherness in the room. Adjusts the green color for a room is a good choice because it can relieve stress and improve fertility.

6. Blue

interior blue paint colors

Blue can bring calm and relaxed. It is recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. It would be better if you opt for the warm blue primary color scheme in your interior, such as pastel blue, sky blue, and turquoise. Dark blue should be avoided for the main color scheme because it gives the opposite effect. This can cause grief.

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7. Neutral Color

interior neutral paint colors 2016

Neutral colors include black, white, and brown. These colors are basic colors in interior design. Some experts suggest that every room needs a touch of neutral color because these colors will neutralize other colors.

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