Indoor Garden Party – 15 Ideas for Party Decorations

The time has come to celebrate, and what better place to do it than our own garden. Today we present you 15 great ideas to organize and decorate an indoor garden party and be able to pleasantly surprise your guests. Do not miss our selection of images, sure they will love.

How to decorate an indoor garden party

pergola garden decoration

First of all we must be clear about the reason for the celebration or the meeting of Friends in the open air, since this will basically depend on the selection of the decor most appropriate for the event. As we can see from the pictures, the accessories chosen for a children’s birthday party, for example, vary greatly from those selected for an adult night party.

Chill out party on the terrace

all fruits chill terraza

In order to facilitate the organization we can also think of a particular subject in which we will base the decoration, or a specific color. We’ve all come or at least heard of the famous Ibiza “white” parties, right? What characterizes the decoration of this type of festivities is in addition to the white color, a chill style atmosphere.

Pergola decorated with flags and cushions

deco pergola party garden

Many cushions and armchairs type puff, candles everywhere and also flowers. If we have enough space we can place white tents under which we place the tables with food and drink. All the visual set must be relaxed, dim lights and neutral colors that do not stand out too much.

Dinner decoration in the garden

Dinner decoration in the garden

If the reason for the meeting is rather a family dinner outdoors, we can choose a kind of decoration something more romantic and classic that will usually be concentrated on the dining table. Natural flowers are always a wise choice in these cases, either in the form of a large centerpiece or in individual vases.

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Homemade vases of bottles and reeds


We always recommend to make homemade ornaments as this is a great way to recycle in addition to bringing to light our imagination. See how original these vases are made of used plastic bottles. They do not require a great effort and are great in any part, to make them we need only bottles, bamboo canes or some other type of long sticks or rods and ropes or gums to hold the bottles.

Candle-Glass hanging jars

Old glass jars with candles

Another idea for making decorative crafts is the one that appears above; Old glass jars with candles inside that can be hung from the branches of the trees. In addition we can decorate the jars with onion colored paper to get in that way an original lighting for the garden.

Decorate gardens with candles and tiki torches

Decorate gardens with candles and tiki torches

And speaking of enlightenment, we will also see some suggestions for choosing the garden lights. A very current proposal is the placement of garlands with small lights in pergolas or hanging from trees or shrubs, they bring a very romantic touch. But if we prefer to give a somewhat more exotic look to our party, we can opt for the tiki torches.

Lanterns of paper floating in the pool

gardens with candles and torches

If we have a swimming pool we can place in colored balloons floating in the water or lanterns of paper with candles. Finally, we can improvise by decorating cutlery and tableware using ropes, bows, fabrics or any material that we think of. We encourage you to start creating an original and fun design decor for your garden, we guarantee that the evenings will be unforgettable.

Table decor for garden parties

indoor garden party

For every party in the garden The solutions are not limited if we do not have a large terrace. It is important especially to have the will and the desire to organize a luxury event. These are just the conditions you need to make outdoor parties a success. Getting each guest to be at ease is what should guide us.

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Disposable wood cutlery

Define up to the latest detail even if your party is overnight or day. This will in some way condition the things we need to organize our event. Mainly in everything concerning the lighting of each one of the spaces. A design in furniture matters must be first and foremost comfortable. If there are many guests or it is a more formal celebration a large table is recommended.

Table decoration with marine theme

Table decoration with marine theme

Otherwise small tables distributed throughout the space look fantastic. These tables allow a fluid transit through the entire courtyard. A party in your garden is more interesting when you define several areas in this area. It begins created several environments as it can be an area to converse distant from the destined for the music. As well as another space with cushions that allow you to relax a little during the celebration.

Color tablecloths for parties

Color tablecloths for parties

Obviously a party cannot be conceived without a dance area. It prevents any furniture from becoming a hindrance in these cases. It is an important detail to book a small table for the children. It will be easier to give them a personalized attention in these cases. This will give you the full freedom to serve all the treats you want. A decoration of any type that you select for outdoor parties has a great impact on the textiles you use.

Colorful balloons floating in the pool

Colorful balloons floating in the pool

In conjunction with the lighting the space will be simply unique. For a theme party it will be easier to change it and adapt it to new conditions. Each combination of tones and textures will give the party a more personality. We can take as an example in case of a party in a beach house. There in summer conditions textiles with marine patterns and colors of nautical decoration are fitted.

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Red garden party

Red garden party

In clear tonal variants they will be simply perfect. If it is a birthday there are also many options that can be exploited at all. A classic without a doubt is the garlands. There are many projects to decorate with paper that will be equally economic and very eye-catching. Without overlooking the effect of napkins an interesting color complement for any tablecloth.

Holiday decorating with homemade objects

Holiday decorating with homemade objects

Each and every one of the furniture you use must be first and foremost flexible. After each party is vital the time we devote to collect everything. So some models that are mostly flexible and can be accommodated in a short time are needed. As in cases of balconies and small terraces we recommend the folding models. From the chairs to the tables are perfect combinations and designs that are grouped easily.

Also, do not doubt the potential of the sun beds. They are perfect for relaxing during the party. Pray not to be running and enjoy our own party it is important that everything is at your fingertips. When you make meals the best thing is to have a kitchen on the outside of the house. We’ll keep in touch with all our guests while we cook and it will be fun. A perfect complement is the wheeled wagons. Another of the furniture necessary to transport everything necessary from inside the house.

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