How to Make Order in Kitchen: 5 IKEA Solutions

Figuring out how to make order in kitchen can sometimes be an impending requirement: There are many IKEA solutions designed by the Swedish furniture giant within the scope of all the pockets that bring together design and functionality.

Especially if you have a small kitchen, in fact, it is important to use every space, from the cupboards to the drawers, from the shelves to the worktops, in order to have everything at hand but maintaining order and organization, both for easy use and for a simple cleaning to do, essential for the hygiene of the kitchen.

Important, then, do not abdicate to a pleasing aesthetic appearance, with choices of design and in line with the furnishing of the kitchen, with the style, with the colors of the furniture and tiles.

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Let’s see, then, how to make order in kitchen thanks to 5 IKEA solutions.

1. Make order in kitchen drawers

how to organize kitchen cabinets

It is a classic kitchen drawers, perhaps because without the cutlery tray it would be impossible to order and especially find what you need at the first shot. Wooden, plastic, with more or less compartments, usually divide forks, knives, spoons, spoons and other utensils (Ikea SMÄCKER cutlery holder Grey 0.80 euro).

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The knife holder is less widespread than the cutlery tray but very useful: it puts in order the larger knives, like the one for the bread, and protects at the same time the blade from the wear and the hands that seek them inside the drawer from accidents with the blade itself (Ikea various knife holder in bamboo 19.99 euro).

2. Make order in kitchen cupboards

kitchen cupboard organization

Kitchen cupboards seem to never suffice for dishes, pots, preserves, glasses, cans: The divider for shelf not only puts order, but creates an additional support surface, multiplying in all the effects the space (IKEA partition divider for white shelf 4.99 euro).

The corner kitchen furniture is very spacious, but because of their shape it is not easy to make the most of the space: the swivel accessories for angular base can be used at 360 °, for a functional use of the sideboard (IKEA UTRUSTA swivel accessory with angular base 70 euro).

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3. Keep garbage and waste collection in order kitchen

Keep garbage and waste collection in order kitchen

Garbage is often a cumbersome presence in the kitchen. One of the most practical solutions is to find a bucket to hang inside one of the doors that is under the sink (IKEA various white garbage bucket 3.99 euro).

The differentiated collection is increasingly widespread in the Italian countries and cities and the new need to store plastic, paper and glass has been created. Stackable containers, in which to set aside newspapers and containers once washed are ideal and occupy little space (IKEA litter container waste with white lid 7.99 euro).

4. Handy tools

Handy tools order kitchen

When you cook you always need a spoon, a ladle, a grater, and it is good that they are at hand: with a track to the wall and the hooks, among other things, it will be all close but nothing is going to occupy the precious space of the worktop (IKEA IKEA Fintorp binary black 7.99 euro).

Still a solution to have knives handy to cut, shred, split, very practical but preferable only if there are no children in the house. It is the magnetic list to hang on the wall, simple and design (Ikea Fintorp magnetic list for Black knives 9.99 euro).

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5. Spices holder

Kitchen spice racks wooden spice rack

Spices are another thing that should always be handy when cooking but that can create much confusion if the containers are scattered here and there. The proposed tubular containers can be inserted in the shelf support or in the bracket to be hung to the wall rail (IKEA Rimforsa glass tubular container 7.99 Euro for 4 pieces).

The kitchen is small and the space is really little? No fear, for spices you can take advantage of the refrigerator door thanks to the magnetic stainless steel containers and with transparent lid (IKEA grundtal stainless steel container 7.99 Euro for 3 pieces).

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