How to Decorate Your Apartment with Little Money

The decor requires money, and it is a major expense if we do not make up for something minimalist and without class. If you want to decorate your home without spending much, then we bring you the tricks that will help you get it. You only have to put your imagination and creativity into practice with these simple suggestions, using colorful candles, restoring your antique furniture or using mirrors. In unlike we advise you on how to decorate your apartment with little money.

Plan your apartment’s style

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The main thing is to know what your apartment needs and what budget you have. You can make a list of those objects and furniture you want to throw and those you would like to keep. Then choose the tonality of the room, that is, on which palette of colors you will work. You also have to decide a style of decoration for the whole house, as this will maintain a common link in all the rooms. A smart idea is to work based on what you have available. That is, decide the style and palette of colors depending on the furniture you have at home and do not want to throw. You can inspire yourself with images you find on the Internet or in decorating magazines.

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Plan your apartment bathroom ideas

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In the case of the bathroom, the walls are covered with stone giving it a style that evokes quality. The shower is spacious and follows the same masculine style we have seen in the rest of the house.

Refurbished Furniture

Furniture usually spoils over time, but you can always give them a second chance. You just have to restore them, and that way you can save a lot of money to buy new ones. The restoration process is done by sanding the furniture, painting and papering it if you see it necessary.

Plan your apartment living room ideas

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In the living area, the most striking thing is that it is a wide and very clear area. In addition, the floor of the whole room unifies the spaces, thanks to a hard tropical wood used especially for soils. The whole area of being revolves around a chimney, which in its upper part has two African framed fabrics creating a beautiful and decorative symmetry.

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Sale of second-hand

Get rid of what you don’t need! But don’t throw away what’s in good shape. You can make enough money if you sell it as second-hand items. And this will give you the opportunity to buy other objects and accessories for decorating your home. Remember that you can buy and sell second-hand goods on the Internet, on specialized pages type and in stores like cash converters.

Cheap Decorative Accessories

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Do we teach you a trick you’ll love? Buy low cost items that will allow you to personalize your apartment, such as candles, cushions, paintings, vases, flowerpots, photo frames, clocks and posters. The colorful candles are a fantastic idea to decorate with little money, and also are really beautiful in the home. Also make yourself with a plant planter and you will fill your apartment with a green touch. Another good idea? Take several glass vases of different sizes or shapes and then introduce pebbles or crumb colored chalk. You’ll see how cool!

Paint the walls

paint every room of a different color for your apartments

Paint every room of a different color if you want! This will give vibrancy and dynamism to your home, and your walls look like new with just a coat of paint. The painting is economical and allows you to play with the sensations and give light to the rooms. Also you don’t need to hire a professional: paint yourself and save a lot of money!

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Illuminating mirrors

Illuminating mirrors for your apartments

Another interesting option would be to use mirrors to extend the dimensions of the rooms. On the other hand, the mirrors bring light with their reflections, something very important in the home, because an illuminated space with this element will allow you to save considerably in electricity.

Don’t throw it away!

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Everything can have a second utility, you just have to take a little imagination. For example, did you know that a trunk can make the occasional tea table? Its dual functionality will allow you to save not only money but space. Don’t you like the aesthetics of the trunk? Put a nice sheet or tablecloth on top and ready!

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