Home Decorating Trends 2017

Among the trends now internalized by the world of furniture and new unexpected beginnings here are some must of the next few months. Among the most interesting things so much color, declined between vibrant shades of green and shades of blue more and more decisive and daring, but also a more mature and colorful tropical style, a new frontier, more intimate, industrial style, macro fantasies and a return to the country, less rustic and much more refined. If you are looking for ideas and you are thinking of decorating, renovating or remaking home, peek a bit here and pay attention to the 8 tips for home decorating trends 2017, they might come in handy.

20 best home decor trends 2016 interior design trends for 2016 regarding home decorating trends Home Decorating Trends 2017

1. Tropical style yet a must

In 2017 banana leaves, tropical prints and natural materials, inevitable in the 2016, will continue to rage. This year, however, will be accompanied and contaminated by a good dose of color that, besides the green, develops the entire chromatic palette more current, from violet to pink, passing through the inevitable blue.

The idea in addition:

Mix vegetable elements and pastel colors. And in home cannot miss a perfect tropical DIY corner, to be realized by recovering a fruit box or a wooden bench. Both can become new door plants to be completed alternating terracotta vases and colored vegetable-themed elements.

great new home decorating trends 2016 best design ideas homecm for home decorating trends Home Decorating Trends 2017

2. So much blue

Full bodied or delicate, from the blue overseas to the pastel blue the range of colors of the sky and the sea does not know season and, even for the next year, it is candid to be the color more declined and used.

Intense blue night and dense “blue whale” the two shades trend for the 2017. Ideal for service environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens, they will be new and simply perfect for furnishing stays and bedrooms from the sought-after allure and refined.

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new home design trends magnificent decor inspiration home interior pertaining to home decorating trends Home Decorating Trends 2017

The idea in addition:

Mix more shades of blue, them. Alternate colors and fantasies, favoring the most intense gradations. A wall of the blue living room combined with a material rug, of a lighter tone than the surface, can, without many distortions, completely change the appearance of a room.

3. Macro flowers

The Flowers (RI) come back of great fashion, stylized and increasingly large are perfect for bringing home romanticism and color. In the 2017 the channels on which to make this refounded fantasy will be more and more wallpapers and fabrics, more or less precious. From the bathroom to the living room will be all a game of flowers for a really transversal fantasy that does not know time and seasons.

impressive new home decorating trends 2016 best ideas for you homecm in home decorating trends Home Decorating Trends 2017

The idea in addition:

Play with the size and choose macro flowers to give new impetus to an off-environment, perhaps furnished with dark furniture and a little “too” minimalist style. If well dosed this fantasy is perfect to customize with style walls and surfaces of various kinds.

4. Nordic country

In a kind of mix and match stylistic style country, always inhabited by wood and classic lines, will make a mini revolution and marry the Nordic design and, above all, the many colors that animate this style. The lighter shades of wood will white, the celestial and all the pastel shades, so much so in vogue in the 2016. The result will be a “new” country style fresher, younger and contemporary.

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The idea in addition:

In dark stays made completely with materials such as wood bring the novelty of the blue powder or the freshness of the white without being afraid to mix traditional lines and contemporary pieces. The wire can always remain the wood, but characterized and made less banal by the calibrated use of the right shades.

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5. Green revitalization

Fascinating color and chromatic declination of the natural world, the green brings in itself equilibrium and dynamism and in its lighter and energetic nuances is a versatile color that can amaze. Less closed and intense, but more vitamin and brilliant could be the color indicated for spaces to be regenerated and to give new vital lymph.

In the shade greenery (color of the year 2017 for Pantone) becomes a possible and interesting idea of furnishing as long as it is chosen for the few pieces targeted and composed and matched with the right colors.

home decorating trends 2016

The idea in addition:

Dare playing with more shades of green (also very different) in the living room, perhaps alternating natural elements – the plants – to textile elements such as pillows, rugs and pouf and framing the whole with a soft green wall or with a wallpaper that plays on different shades of green. The perfect combination for the greenery besides the green? Neutral tones and woods with soft and warm tones.

6. 50 years eclectic

The 1950s furniture is a timeless classic and also in the 2017 will among the stylistic confirmations. To accompany the timeless lines of the furniture of those years could, however, peep some interesting eclectic vezzo made of velvet of colors decided, such as violet or pomegranate color, and small imaginative textile elements. A bohemian key customization with an extremely refined character.

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The idea in addition:

With furniture and furnishings so important just really little to renew and personalize an armchair or a belief 50 years. You can add a rug from the contemporary design under the armchairs or embellish the furniture with small ethnic ornaments or with a mini collections of monoflower vases.

home decorating green plant

7. Increasingly contemporary art

Whether as an investment or as pure aesthetic pleasure, contemporary art will be increasingly present in the house. paintings, sculptures and installations of various kinds will dress and enrich domestic spaces furnished with every style, from the most uncompromising minimalist to the most traditional classic.

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The idea in addition:

Always choose something you like in line with your aesthetic tastes and look little to the fashions or the market. If space is wide-ranging, get rid of colors and sizes of any kind, if the space is reduced to a single size and light colors that give depth and breadth.

8. Industrial style but customized

Less cold and more intimate than the past the industrial style next venture is dressed in some small chromatic note (nothing excessive) to give away less “austere” and much hotter environments. Accomplice of this change the desire to make this style, now in vogue for many years, less discounted and more personal.

The idea in addition:

Play with color even with this style. The Council is to alternate clear shades of green and to aim at closed shades of red, from Marsala to Bordeaux. These are the most suitable shades to give personality to material surfaces in brick or concrete and metal, all components much used in this style.

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