15 Tips For Creating A Perfect Home Bar

Want to have a night in with your friends and looking for ideas that will help you create a perfect bar in your very dwelling place? If yes, and you do wish to keep control on your budget that usually goes kaput when drinking at pubs and lounges, here are some cool 15 tips that will help you make your home bar easily and make you the master of all parties!

1. Make a budget home bar

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Home bars can be built at much lesser costs than imagined. There are a number of custom bar furniture and tools available that are cheap and look smart at the same time. In the image is a kitchen that comes equipped with a custom cabinetry specially meant for storing wines and drinks. It is made of wood and is located on one side of the kitchen. The whole area is dedicated only for churning out cool drinks.

2. Make use of vintage objects for converting them into home bars

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If you have a few objects that are vintage and no longer in use, you can recycle a few of these and convert into a home bar. The home owners have done the exact thing below by converting their vintage television set into an elegant looking bar. With a little polishing, the television set looks brand new with an antique feel to it. Inside the television, different types of bottled drinks are organized with lighting done inside that illuminates the inner chamber.

3. Keep a properly stocked glassware ready

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For you to start hosting guests at your home bar, you need to stock it well with necessary glassware beforehand unless you want to run to the nearest shop to buy the beer mugs or wine glasses at the time of the party! Glassware comes in various styles and one needs to keep them ready. One can either opt to buy glass sets or full bar glassware at one go.

4. Keep your liquor safe

A bar area needs to be at a place that doesn’t receive direct sun light as too much heat can spoil the drinks. Hence, before you set up a home bar, it is a must that you decide a particular place and the furniture that will be used for storing drinks. In the image is seen a wooden bar cabinet that has glass fronts to highlight the presence of exotic drinks and is perfectly out of reach of young children at home. It is also located away from sun rays that makes sure that drinks do not vanish away.

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5. Choose a comfortable serving area

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Having a bar at your place is just the perfect solution to chilling out in style and comfort. Home bars should have comfy factor much more than just appearance as these are places where you would want yourself and your friends to relax. In the image is shown a pleasant looking bar area that is anchored with comfy chairs and a long table made of wood. The furniture is casual in style and gives out a very cozy feeling.

6. Decorate your bar area with attractive accessories

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It is not just to decorate your houses that you go shopping. It is quite mandatory for your bars too to look good and attractive. The image below is that of a perfectly decorated bar that hasn’t consumed buckets full of dollars. Such a decoration can be done by anyone and at lesser costs. The bar area here has been decorated with a big ornamental mirror that is fixed on the wall. On the bar table is placed a metallic lamp with white shade that accents the beauty. The whole bar looks very trendy and elegant.

7. Choose spirits carefully

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When setting up a home bar, you must keep such drinks that are mixable into a number of mock-tails and cocktails. Such drinks should be stored that can be served natural or as it is. One must refrain from buying drinks that are overtly expensive or are just very hard to make by an amateur.

8. Choose the right bar set

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If you are planning to set up a fully functional bar space at home, you must keep in mind to buy a perfect set of bar tools that would be needed when hosting guests. Seen in the image is a typical bar set available in markets that contain a number of tools, ice box and a cocktail shaker. These tools are made of metal and look very stylish. These match any kind of bar decor.

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9. Make room for some light reading in your home bar

Top 10 Home Bars Room Bath intended for 15 Tips For Creating A Perfect Home Bar

Keeping a few books near or in the home bar shelves is a good idea if you are an ardent lover of reading books. A bar must cater to those who like to browse through books while sipping on their favorite drinks. Seen in the image is a beautiful compact home bar that houses a stack of books in one of its shelves. The look of the bar is contemporary and chic. Apart from books, there are other entertainment options available.

10. Invest in a good bar guide

Those who are going to set up their own bars at home must invest in a good cocktail bar guide that would help them learn the nuances of making drinks and playing the perfect hosts. The book seen here is a comprehensive guide and is known as The Ultimate Bar Book that lists down a detailed description of drink making, recipes and remedies for hang overs. Such a book is a must for newbies that are new to having their own bars.

11. Utilizing vacant basement area as home bar

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If you are thinking as to where to set your home bar, do not get tensed as there are many empty spaces in every home that can be converted into stylish dens for drinking. You can use your vacant basement area for setting up a comfy den where you can serve chilled drinks to your guests. In the picture is a basement home bar that is made of wood and has comfy high chairs for seating guests. The bar looks modern and is very basic as far as styling goes, but still manages to give you a relaxing time.

12. Keep a ready stock of citrus fruits for garnishing

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Whenever you are planning to invite guests over for drinks, always make sure that your home bar is equipped with the best of drinks as well as garnishes like citrus fruits and olives. One must store these beforehand for serving up delectable cocktails as desired by guests. In the image is a home bar that is well stocked with a variety of drinks plus a huge supply of oranges and lemons.

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13. Invest in good lighting fixtures for your home bar

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You would never want your home bar to look dull and shabby. That is why is it highly important to invest in good lighting systems that add glamor to your bar area such as the one seen in the picture. The bar area is well lit up with pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. The lighting helps add luster to the bar and makes it pleasant to relax.

14. Invest in a good sub zero refrigerator for your home bar

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It is a must that your home bar offers facilities for refrigeration unless you want your guests to enjoy hot drinks and go out fuming! Home bars must have cooling facilities for chilling drinks and cold accompaniments. Seen here is a sub zero under counter refrigerator that helps in storing a large number of bottles and foods. The fridge is metallic and looks very elegant too.

15. Provide for efficient storage of glasses in your home bar

Your home bar will eventually run out of space for storing glasses and bottles unless you have catered for it in the beginning. Seen here is a wooden cabinet made of shelves and holders that can easily fit delicate glasses. The best part about using such storage is that you never end up breaking a glass or two when taking them out to pour drinks. Each glass is placed carefully in its respective holder that prevents any breakage due to a fall.

So guys, these are the top 15 tips for creating that perfect home bar that you always imagined to be in your homes. Now, get ready to incorporate at least a few of these tips in order to make sure that you become labeled as the perfect host that throws awesome bar parties for his pals! I am sure these tips would help you overcome any troubles in setting up your very own home bar. I wish you all the luck in the world.

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