Grass Scarifying, How and When?

Grass scarifying done in the spring in April or May and in the fall in September or October. By scarifying the lawn the grass is so beautiful, all the moss is removed. Seed or grass seed on the bare spots that have arisen after scarifying. To prevent moss growing again, can you provide more sunlight on the lawn? Also, the test in order to test for sale the PH value of the soil.

Why grass scarifying?

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In the lawn moss slowly grows. Where moss grows, no more grass out of the ground. Moss is expanding quite rapidly over the bottom. By aerating grass moss removed and does not receive the chance to expand in the lawn. Further the optimum conditions for aerating grass a flat surface, a damp day and the right season. Lawn aeration is best in April or May and in September or October.

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Materials you need

Grass scarifying do with certain tools. To remove all the moss from the lawn you have at least need the following tools:

• a scarifier

• a leaf rake

• a wheelbarrow or a bucket

• fertilizer granules for lawn

• grass seed

• pruning shears

With these tools, you can remove the moss, repair the lawn and create more light in the garden.

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Aerator rent or buys?

A scarifier can be purchased separately. The cheapest scarifier has a purchase price of one hundred euro. The machine has the size of a lawn mower. Do not you want to buy one then also hire an option? The rent of a scarifier is around thirty euros per day. The purchase and rental prices depend on the type of aerator. An electrically driven machine is often cheaper than a scarifier that runs on gasoline.

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PH adjusted grass

The normal pH of the soil is between 6.5 and 7.4. There are tests for sale which you can test. The pH of the lawn if you have an acidic soil then you can restore the pH by applying. Lime on soil it also helps to branches to prune away the sunlight. Besides adding lime to the lawn and provide more sunlight, the moisture also in order. If the lawn is quite humid than it helps to build drainage.

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Grass scarifying

With a scarifier you are scarifying the grass. If you have a smaller lawn that is relatively flat, you can use an electric scarifier. For larger areas and lawns with more bumps petrol scarifiers more suitable.

The first step is to moisten the lawn. Make it a little bit damp lawn and mow the grass. That way you make sure that the grass can recover faster. By mowing the grass, the moss is easier to remove. Then set the aerator well. The correct adjustment is when the blades are approximately 1 centimeter deep stabbing into the soil. Scarifying done in jobs in the length and then the width.

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Repair lawn

After scarifying you all pulled raking moss from the lawn with the leaf rake. The bald patches that are now visible and you can fertilize with grass seed. Note the places where a lot of moss was, it seems there is sunlight? Perhaps it is possible to prune so that more sunlight shines on the lawn. Few branches Moss is a not well to sunlight.

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