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Dressing up your wall as vital as putting furniture in your house. A perfectly decorated wall signifies a welcoming feeling not only for your visitors but for your family, too. Fortunately, decorating or treating a wall can now be done in many approaches and certainly there is one style that will fit your personality and the appearance you want for your home. Fabrics wall art are one of those treatments that allow you to explore in design using some materials and imagination.

modest ideas fabric wall art creative 25 best ideas about fabric pertaining to fabrics wall art Fabrics Wall ArtFabric wall hangings make your wall appear artistically done while adding personal touch to it by choosing a color and fabric that suit your taste. There are several ways to apply fabric wall art. You can even use your favorite things such as a quilt and transform it into fabric wall coverings.

Other examples of wall fabrics you can apply on your walls are the expensive fabrics that project intricate and exotic patterns. It might seem to defy conventions but you’ll see how it works once you’ve framed it. When you have extra time for fabric wall art, you might want to spend time crafting some embroidery or if you find that tedious, you can buy some embroidered materials to apply on your wall. A fabric wall covered wall is not that difficult to do.

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Wall fabrics can dual as wall decor and an artwork – which can be a reflection of your interests and preferences. You can begin with a simple, plain fabric until you are adept with the technique. Here are a few tips on how to put starched fabrics on walls easily.

How to put starched fabric on walls

First, prepare your materials and when choosing a fabric make sure it is the durable kind to endure stretching and pulling, but lightweight enough to gain traction on the walls. You can choose from fabrics intended for draperies and upholstery. Your materials (aside from fabric) would be liquid starch, roller and paint tray, scissors, long level, pencil, wallpaper brush, utility knife, and flat blades.

Step 1. Painted walls polished with latex are good. If your wall has no base treatment, yet, apply paint only when necessary.

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Step 2. Begin by sketching a vertical line on the wall to mark the width of the first panel, the panel should be applied about an inch from the previous corner. Cut the fabric in lengths that would make it 4-6 inches longer than the wall’s height and according to how many panels you need to complete the wall.

Step 3. Pour liquid starch in the pain tray and use the paint roller to fill the area where you want the first panel placed. Press the fabric on the wall starting at the top, and then smoothen it with your hands or flat blades.



diy stretched fabric canvas with a shower curtain stephanie intended for fabrics wall art Fabrics Wall Art

Once it’s been flattened, apply starch all over the panel again using a starch-filled roller making sure it is saturated (this helps put the fabric to a traction on the wall.) Again, press the fabric to flatten any lumps and smoothen wrinkles.Trim the excess lengths of fabric at the top and bottom using flat blades or knife. After you have them cut, a damp sponge can be used to wipe off excess starch. This avoids the possibility of leaving any residue on the fabric when it gets dry.

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Step 4. For your second panel, get the exact measurement of the wall where it will be placed and cut the fabric according to its dimensions, but leave extra lengths on the edges to cut. Again, apply starch on the wall with the soaked rollers then fold the vertical edge of the second panel facing the first panel to create a seam. You can cut slits in the corner to ensure it fits evenly.

Once the second panel is in place, roll starch all over it until it is saturated, then cut the extra flaps when necessary.This procedure was employed on a wooden painted surface using drapery wall fabrics. If you want to know how it appears once done, you can try these easy steps and feed your eyes with your craft.

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