Eye Catching Vertical Garden Ideas

Density of homes in urban residential land increasingly narrow lead. This condition is precisely the subject of the creativity of the interior and exterior designer to hone their skills in providing solutions from various limitations minimalist home. Narrow area of ​​land that will cause a lot of homes do not have enough space to park. If the house is not given a garden, how hot the house in the urban atmosphere. New solutions are emerging vertical garden ideas.

the 50 best vertical garden ideas and designs for 2017 inside vertical garden ideas. Eye Catching Vertical Garden Ideas




What is the vertical garden? Vertical garden called green wall. Called vertical garden because the park perpendicular field vertically by utilizing the wall in the house. The wall in question is the main house wall or fence depending on the needs and actual conditions at home.

Are you interested to apply a vertical garden in your home? There are a few things you should know about the vertical garden.

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The walls that used to land must be strong

Load that must be supported by a wall will increase. If the wall is not solid, then a garden on it would be risky. Therefore, check carefully whether you choose the wall that is sturdy enough for a vertical garden that you will create. Ask your garden maker services that you contact on this matter to ensure its feasibility.

12 ideas which materials to use to make a vertical garden within vertical garden ideas. Eye Catching Vertical Garden Ideas indoor vertical garden ideas home outdoor decoration with vertical garden ideas. Eye Catching Vertical Garden Ideas

Setting up the wall and the construction

Wall to be used for vertical gardens media coated with a layer of waterproofing. It is necessary to avoid the risk of damage to the wall due to the humidity level is too high. You certainly do not want a lot of moss growing on the wall after you create the park.

You can prepare the order form module box where you will plant your ornamental plants. Accuracy is an important aspect in the framework of the installation process. Entrusting this process in making the best park service.
After all the preparation you do well , you can begin to create your dream of vertical garden ideas course with the help of a reputable garden maker services. Also make sure your plant crops that will plant a garden accordance with the concept.

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Choosing plants that are suitable for vertical garden

The following plants are suitable for vertical garden:
1 . Deer antlers (Platycerium bifurcatum). This plant has leaves that resemble stag antlers. Sticking on a log, like the shade and moist.
2 . Elephant ears (Anthurium crystalinum). So-called because it has a proboscis elephant ears. This plant with heart-shaped leaves of silvery white veins.
3 . Lily Paris (Chlorophytum comosum), long leaves with yellowish white line. Used for borders or potted hanging plants. Resistance to direct sun and grows best in a shaded place.
4 . Cryptanthus, has a lot of leaf color, ranging from green, gray, brown to white lines. Resistant to scorching sun and could live in a place that has shade.
5 . Chives. Plant tubers as high as 30-50 cm and 1 cm neck, with leaf -shaped tube . Soft texture. Flowers pale purple, star shaped with six petals wide.
6 . Neoregelia. Endless flat plain red leave .
7 . Lipstick (Aeschynantus Radieans). Plants that grow with long stems. Kidney -shaped leaves and red heart with a silver stripe and furry. The flowers are bright red.
8 . Kadaka (Asplenium scolependrium). Same with the bird’s nest fern, but the leaves are smaller. Light green wavy edges.
9 . Red betel. Spread with jointed stems, leaves red striped silver. Enjoying the shade.
10 . Singonium. Have heart-shaped leaves with a color between white and green. This plant is easy to grow as long as enough water.

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Already have a good idea? Want to make your house eye catching? Beautify your minimalist house with vertical garden ideas.

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