Exterior Walls Decorate: Ideas and Tips for Every Style

Are you looking for ideas to decorate your exterior walls? In This article we will reveal some advice and secret to having a home at the top!

It rarely happens to be facing a house with exterior walls decorate but when this happens the attention of the passer is immediately captured. Generally the outer walls are always solid, colorful with the usual colors, at the most embellished with bricks or stones. It is really hard to find a real exterior decoration before itself. Yet it would suffice so little to give a personal touch! A murals, friezes and even vertical hanging gardens: This and much more to give a new look outside your home.

decorative paint for walls exterior acrylic ultima asian AllstateLogHomes intended for exterior walls Exterior Walls Decorate: Ideas and Tips for Every Style

When it comes to wall decorations you immediately think of the internal ones, those of your bedrooms or your living room. Hardly jumps to the mind that the decoration that we would like to make is dedicated to the external walls, those that actually represent the business card for its guests. Right from the outside you can imagine the style of your own home. If this is characterized by ancient stones or decorations, fountains with a lion’s mouth or terracotta twirls, it is possible that inside we will find a house with a rustic or very classic style. When on the outside we see Pop art murals or geometric style textures, maybe black and white, it is easy to find yourself in front of a very minimal or contemporary decor.

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exterior wall paint 3 architecture AllstateLogHomes intended for exterior walls Exterior Walls Decorate: Ideas and Tips for Every Style

The first advice we can provide you to decorate the exterior walls of your home is to paint them with a texture, fantasy or design that you like and that can personalize and be in tune with the interior environment. Among the most well-known designs there are those sea-themed stars, seahorses, fish and blue waves made on a white background. They do not have to be oversized designs, typical at times of the tourist houses that are in the summer holiday resorts, but they can also be minimal, stylized and of the colors you prefer. Another style that really likes to those who prefer the contemporary are the geometrical textures like the lines. Even the murals are very beloved and appreciated but in this case it is always good to rely on those who know how to make and choose a subject that identifies you.

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If you do not like the idea of painting with paint the exterior walls you can opt for complements to hang on the wall, such as terracotta decorations, maybe even colored, or wrought iron. Another beautiful and special decoration is that of the vertical hanging garden. In this way you will give a new look to your home and you openly declare friends of the environment and nature!

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