Decorate Loft with Mezzanine: Ideas and Projects by Astonishing Design

Characterized by unique environments, very large and imposing heights, the lofts are really perfect to go to host a mezzanine area so as to create an additional environment to accommodate bedrooms, living rooms, study, relaxation or reading areas. If you are wondering how to furnish loft with mezzanine optimizing the spaces and succeeding at the same time to enhance these suggestive structures, here you will find a lot of ideas and projects with surprising design.

In fact, we have selected for you 8 loft projects with mezzanine that have a great care not only in the division of spaces but also in the choice of furnishings, these are real jewels of interior design inspired by an industrial style , modern and even the futuristic traits, here they are…

First loft project with mezzanine

Essential and at the same time elegant… We begin with the admire a loft made with elements and precious materials to create a luxury environment where nothing is left to chance even in its simplicity.

The main floor and the mezzanine, which houses the bedroom, are placed in communication via a staircase with glass railing that continues throughout the length of the loft. The different shades of grey used, both in the choice of furnishings and in the finishing, create sophisticated atmospheres that are able to transcend the passage of time.

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Second Loft project with mezzanine

Prepare to discover what we could define the apotheosis of the loft with mezzanine, that is a perfect industrial recovery that exploits in an impeccable way the enormous environments, then the heights and the imposing windows.

All the rooms of the house are in perfect communication between them going to merge each other, splendid floors and concrete walls as well as the living room turned into a relaxing corner in the raised area from which to enjoy an unpaid view.

Third Loft project with mezzanine

Articulated on different levels, all skillfully studied in every single detail, this loft enhances in an impeccable way the original industrial structure exploiting the best arches and domes to give character and personality. The mezzanine area has a large bedroom where a bathtub and a huge rug have been inserted to create a perfect retreat in the SPA version.

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The furnishings with an industrial character, such as chandeliers or kitchens, go to the different environments, giving a strong personality.

Fourth Loft project with mezzanine

We move on to discover features and peculiarities of a loft project where all the spaces are optimized to the fullest. The compact size leaves room for a living room with a character between the industrial and Scandinavian, a linear kitchen and a large bedroom in the mezzanine area.

If necessary here is a large dining table take shape or here is the living room transformed into a perfect cinema room using a projector and comfortable armchairs.

loft project with mezzanine-10

We return to real triumph of the industrial character that takes shape through the design of a loft at full height within which the mezzanine area houses a private living room and a charming garden in the Serra area.

Exposed bricks, beams in the foreground and wide use of wood make it a real jewel of interior design.

Sixth Loft Project with mezzanine

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Modern, with futuristic traits, inspired by the industrial style and dynamic character: Here is a stunning example of loft with mezzanine used as a bookcase that, once again, maintains intact the elements of the industry such as pure cement, plant ventilation and steel shelving.

The furnishings are highly sought after and very to create a fantastic contrast between tradition and innovation.

Seventh Loft Project with mezzanine

Two compact and well organized levels for the setting up of a loft with mezzanine that is actually set up as a crop studio view the limited size. The simple furnishings, with neutral tones, live in contrast with the chromatic dynamism chosen for the walls between optical or purely abstract motifs that capture the gaze.

Eighth Loft project with mezzanine

The last loft that we have chosen to show you is the real triumph of the industrial style characterized by bricks and piping, salvage elements and objects that seem to come directly from an old factory. The personal touch is given by the rock decorations that you can admire on the walls.

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