How to Decide the Color for the Exterior Walls of the House

Looking for advice on how to decide the color for the exterior walls of the house? You must first know the rules of your municipality and then follow some hints on the tints to prefer.

Here’s how to decide the color for the exterior walls of the house, practical tips not to go wrong. Not everyone knows that it is not always possible to choose the tint that we like most, especially if very bright and lively, because now almost in every municipality of residence there are rules to be respected and that greatly restrict the choice. Those who have the good fortune to dwell in a place where there are no restrictions on this, must still evaluate the colors for exterior houses that better match the high nuances of the surrounding landscape. In general, light colors such as beige, cream and sand are used to increase the exterior brightness of the building, especially if it is small in size, while dark shades such as brown, burgundy and green are used to suggest an idea of containment.

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minimalist modern exterior walls design with wide glasses windows regarding exterior walls of the house How to decide the color for the exterior walls of the house

Another factor to consider, and which can help determine which color is most suitable for your home, are the colors of the window and the shades. If you have no intention of restoring them, in fact, it is good to choose a painting that matches well, otherwise it can create a contrast that is too strong and unpleasant to the sight. One advice not to underestimate is to proceed with the color simulation of the outside home. Just paint a very small part of the facade and try to look at it from afar. This will make it much easier to understand if it is our pleasure.

As for the shades, the red color for the outside house is a timeless must, also selected for many new buildings in modern style. The brighter shades like white and cream are also very much used because they are bright and always trendy. But instead of the United colors, you can also choose to decorate the exterior walls with textures, fantasies or designs at will. Among the most widely used representations are the Marine themed ones: Stars, minnows, blue waves printed on a white background.

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best image of natural wall of contemporary house with natural in exterior walls of the house How to decide the color for the exterior walls of the house

A technique very used especially for the decoration of the tourist houses, located mostly on the seashore. Another style that is spreading a lot, especially among the lovers of home decor in contemporary style are the geometrical embellishments, like the lines or the paintings.

Colors and drawings aside, besides the matching colors for external painting, you have to pay much attention to the materials chosen, which must be waterproof and resistant. A painting of good quality must be able to provide protection resistant to atmospheric agents, dirt and pollution. There are different types of exterior paints that can be evaluated: quartz paints, silicate paints, lime-based paints and concrete paints are some of these.

insulating exterior walls glance of insulating exterior walls allstateloghomes with exterior walls exterior walls decorate ideas and tips for every style in exterior walls How to Decide the Color for the Exterior Walls of the House

In addition, we recall that the best times to change the exterior color of the house, are those of spring and autumn. It is better to avoid temperatures below 5 °c, avoiding rainy days and wind. Even the sun could create problems if the wall is too exposed to its rays.

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Exterior facade Colors Country Houses

home color schemes exterior exterior walls paint ideas color pertaining to exterior walls How to Decide the Color for the Exterior Walls of the House

If your problem is the color matching for the exterior façade of a country house, you will have to clearly start from the style of the dwelling. For the classic villas, characterized by wooden tiles and large portico on the ground floor, some tints are clearly prevailing. The yellow color for the outside house is the most popular, followed by wheel from the red. The latter tint, in particular, is usually flanked by white, used to highlight columns, arcs and other details of the façade.

Another exterior color for the country house is the pink peach, which is also used with a slightly contrasting nuance like soft pink or white, to give greater emphasis to the building elements. For outdoor house color, tortora is often used for modern buildings, coupled with much darker shades like the brown head that guarantees a great effect! And what do you prefer among the exterior countryside colors that we’ve suggested to you?

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