Best 11 Lime Green Curtains for Your Home

Lime green curtains are an attractive option for those of you fans of soft green and cheerful. This color is very suitable for the room you apply on your child because children usually love the bright and cheerful colors. With the combination of white on the walls, your child’s room will look very charming and fun to be occupied. Sure, the room interior should match the green color of the curtains to make it look more harmonious and not weird. To maximize performance, you can apply furniture such as beds, tables, cabinets and chairs that has a corresponding color. Thus, you…

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Nickel and Bronze Decorative Curtain Rods

Decorative curtain rods are the important things in curtain which has a function to be a place for hanging the curtain. It is usually made of iron and it is put in the place where you want to use a curtain. By using a curtain rod, it is going to make you slide the curtain easily. It also makes the curtain looks so beautiful just like what you want because a rod supports the concept of the curtain. It means when you use an elegant curtain, you should choose an elegant curtain rod. Nickel Curtain Rods & Accessories Actually, there…

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Pinch Pleat Curtains with Cream

windsor pinch pleat curtain panel walmart regarding Pinch pleat curtains Pinch Pleat Curtains with Cream

Pinch pleat curtains are ideal for a large window size. This curtain design can be applied to all the home design, both modern and vintage is very suitable to apply this design. This is very typical of curtain designs where each curtain has a vertical striped design like the folds of cloth used to cover your windows. Typically, this curtain design applied with soft colors like cream. The color choice is perfect for improving the appearance of windows you have. If you are interested in applying this design, you can add a beautiful crease at the top of the curtain.…

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Unique Custom Window Ideas in Geometrical Shapes

windows unique valances for windows inspiration amusing country within unique custom window ideas Unique Custom Window Ideas in Geometrical Shapes

Window. What is on your mind once talking about a window? You must imagine capturing the image of rectangle stuff that is usually attached on the wall and mostly it is covered with glass material. Yeah, that is the ordinary definition of a window, and then, is there any extraordinary window designs? Of course, there are so many interesting window ideas that will open your mind to upgrade you latest one. Some modern windows are no longer in that conventional square shape, but most of them tend to be designed irregularly without following any rule. Therefore, here I come with…

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