Top 18 Bathroom Wall Murals

Bathrooms are very intimate places where one spends some time everyday. As such, these need to be well decorated for you to feel chilled and relaxed. These days interior designing includes decorating your bathing chambers with a variety of designs and murals. Walls mural art looks very beautiful and can bring over a complete change in the way your bathroom looks. These can range from simple art work to more flamboyant to add style. Look below as I am listing the top 18 beautiful bathroom wall murals that would make you breathless!

1. Creative bathroom wall mural

best 20 bathroom mural ideas on homecm in bathroom wall murals Top 18 Bathroom Wall Murals

If bathing amidst nature with waterfalls is your kind of thing, this wall mural works best since it looks natural and makes you feel as if you are in some jungle taking a dip in cool waters!The bathroom looks fresh with this awesome wall mural that brings nature close to home. There isn’t any over the top decorations but one wall mural artwork that does the trick.

2. Contemporary wall mural for bathroom

best images about painted murals on homecm within bathroom wall murals Top 18 Bathroom Wall Murals

The wall art looks amazing with the feel and look of a bay with pelicans flying in the clear blue sky. It would make you feel energized when you take your bath imagining the clear blue waters of the ocean whispering softly in your ears! The wall art is trendy and very colorfully designed. It peps your spirits up and makes you feel good.

3. Beautiful wall mural bathroom design

bathroom wall decor ideas paint colors for small bathroom for bathroom wall murals Top 18 Bathroom Wall Murals

If taking bath seems such a pleasant task wherein you get to soak yourselves in a cozy bathtub and feel the warmth of the sunlight on your face and hear the birds chirping with gentle whispers of sea breeze frisking past your ears, then I think I would never like to get up and dry myself! The wall mural looks stunning with the view of the sea and colorful sky. The art work adds to the beauty since it has lots of greens that make the bath area appear heavenly.

4. Tall spring grass wall mural bathroom design

beautiful wall mural designs for your bathroom homecm with bathroom wall murals Top 18 Bathroom Wall Murals

This design of the wall art looks serene and very vibrant. The bathroom comes alive specially since the bathtub faces the clear blue sky depicted in the mural with bright yellow flowers and green grass offering the perfect zing to pep up your spirits. It feels as if you are basking under the crystal clear blue sky, soaking in all the goodness that mother nature has to offer. The artwork gels well with the white decor and the tub. The bath area looks spacious and clean.

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5. Luxury wall mural bathroom design

Luxury wall mural bathroom design

What else one needs when he gets to shower and soak in an ultimately designed copper rolled bathtub and a wall mural depicting the face of a sexy woman? Guess, a sip of wine would just do great to pamper your spirits in a setting so glamorous that would make anyone’s jaws drop! The art on the wall is magnetic showing a giant face of a woman with full!! The art matches with the copper finished bath tub and adds shine to the whole bath area.

6. Tile wall mural bathroom design

Tile wall mural bathroom design

The wall mural here is done up in tiles and is graphic. The scene of a beautiful waterfall is imprinted here that makes the bathroom appear pretty and charming. Tiles are used widely to cover up any old ones that have become shabby and decorating your walls with such graphic murals does the trick to bring in some glamor and zing.

7. Backsplash tile wall mural bathroom design

Backsplash tile wall mural bathroom design

Tiles, like I mentioned above, are popular choices when decorating your bathroom walls. The one seen here is a beautiful art that gives the impression of huge blue waves splashing from behind you when you are taking your bath! The mural looks very pretty and adds shine to your bathroom. The ocean blue color suits the bathroom decor that is done in white as well.

8. Amusing wall mural bathroom design

bathroom mural bathroom ideas

The art work done on the wall of this bathroom looks quite amusing with the setting of a military troop around a building. The design is rare and impressive showing a few cavalrymen tending to their daily chores. The green trees and the yellowish colors of the rustic scene add to the charm of the mural. It matches well with the floor, the bathtub and the book shelf.

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9. Lovely blossom wall mural bathroom design

home wall murals bedroom

The shower area of this bathroom appears charming with the creative wall mural designed on the wall. The blossom tree with branches looks amazing in light blue coupled with brown walls built adjacent to it. The whole bathroom looks pretty and attractive.

10. Alluring glossy wall mural bathroom design

 cottage bathrooms blue bathrooms

The flower mural designed on the wall is attractive to look against the glossy walls and gray color. The whole color theme is white and looks shiny with the crystal chandelier hung from the top. The look of the wall has been kept natural and glossy.

11. Blue dolphin wall mural bathroom design

Blue dolphin wall mural bathroom design

Most apt for families with kids, this wall art design looks great and beautiful with three large dolphins looking chirpy and spreading happiness all around. The color blue used matches well with the basket and white storage table placed in the bath area. The look is colorful and cool.

12. Cartoon wall mural bathroom design

Cartoon wall mural bathroom design

This type of art work looks very charming and funny especially if there are girls in your family. The pretty girl designed on the wall looks charming with all the color splash done in copious amounts. There are a number of flowers and leaves etched on the walls along with the mirror, sink and the towel stand. The whole bath area looks cool and funky.

13. Unique hand painted wall mural bathroom design

Unique hand painted wall mural bathroom design

The tiles wall art is unique since, unlike others, it is hand painted and appears fresh and very colorful. The design is simple but charming. On the tiled walls, there are three motifs of a huge banyan tree in different sizes, each lending a distinct style to the bath area.

14. Lemons wall mural bathroom design

Lemons wall mural bathroom design

Lemons such as the ones designed on the tiled walls of this bathroom look amazing and add freshness to your bath area. Your bathing becomes all the more lively when you get to view such colorful stuff on your walls. The wall art is funky and smart.

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15. Fish wall mural bathroom design

Fish wall mural bathroom design

To see fishes swimming all over your bathroom walls gives a feeling of happiness. The walls of this bathroom are designed in blue with white rohu fishes floating around. The look of the bath area is crisp and charming.

16. Amazing map wall mural bathroom design

map wall mural bathroom design

A very unique way to decorate your bathroom wall is to design it with maps of all the places that you wish to visit. The huge map designed on the wall looks not just eye catching but also very interesting. Who said you could not gain knowledge while taking a leak or shaving? Well, now you can with this cool motif imprinted on your wall!

17. Huge bird wall mural bathroom design

Huge bird wall mural bathroom design

To have a relaxing dip in the tub is one thing, but it becomes all the more adventurous when you have a crane taking a direct dip in your tub with its bright red beak! Hey, not to scare you, but, the wall motif designed on the wall depicts as if the crane’s beak is submerged in the tub water, trying to sip a drop or two! It looks very beautiful along with the rest of the scenery drawn on the wall.

18. Floral wall mural bathroom design

bathroom wall murals creating the bathroom wallpaper borders throughout bathroom wall murals Top 18 Bathroom Wall Murals

The walls of this bathroom look strikingly beautiful with its beautiful light colored floral designs. The look is serene and very soothing to the eyes. It matches just exactly with the white cream colored flooring.

Bathroom wall murals come in different designs and textures, all of which add beauty and style to the look and feel of these bathing areas. One must examine as to what his preferences are and choose the one design that justifies his tastes. The market is full with companies offering simple to luxurious wall mural art work. You simply need to fix your mind! See the above list and get set towards acquiring one charming mural for yourself.

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