3 Best Color Schemes For Kitchen Design

Color plays important role in any kitchen design, be a selective person when choosing a color scheme! As you already know, small kitchen space will look crowded and narrow in a dark color, so light colors become the best option. The bad effect of dark colors won’t too much affecting for large kitchen space. There are many kitchen design color schemes categorized as the best.

Citrus shades kitchen color scheme

Orange Paint Colors for Kitchens

Have you ever consider any citrus shade to the kitchen? Orange or yellow will boost your energy when doing morning activities in the kitchen, whether preparing the food or eating. Citrus shades indeed can boost mental, bring a feeling of happiness and increase energy. Yellows and oranges, whether soft or bright, can give the same effect. These shades are easy to combine with other colors such as blue, red, white and green, whether as accent and supporting colors.

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Blues and greens kitchen colors scheme

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Green Kitchen Walls For Fresh And Natural Looking Kitchen

These two soothing shades include as kitchen design color schemes. Blues and greens won’t create a boring feeling, available in a wide variety of shades to fit your characteristic. A combination between a sage green with cream or white cream accents will boost the appearance of traditional, country and rustic kitchens.

3 Colorful Kitchen Design Ideas

A sage green will also fit to brown. Use brown as an accent color, especially by using natural woods such as a kitchen island or cabinets. A combination of bright blue and pure white will fit to contemporary kitchen, complete the design by adding silver brushed metal accents.

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Neutral shades

Warm Paint Colors for Kitchens

The last option of kitchen design color schemes is neutral shades as they will make the room appears timeless. These shades never go out of style and will persist from decade to decade. Use stone and natural-colored wood elements to create a traditional look. Use white shade to boost a more modern look in contemporary kitchen.

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So, there are three kitchen design color schemes ready to choose, starting from citrus shades, neutral shades, a combination of blues and greens. Be a wise person when selecting. Choose based on the size of kitchen and your personality as the homeowner.

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