Two-Bedroom Apartment Plans, Selection of 50 Designs That Will Inspire You In the Construction

Selection of 50 of two bedroom apartment plans, have been designed for terrain of different shapes and dimensions in such a way as to inspire those who wish to build or remodel their home.

apartment l shaped 2 bedroom apartments plan using 2 bedroom with with regard to two bedroom apartment plans TwoBedroom Apartment Plans, Selection of 50 Designs That Will Inspire You In the Construction


Small Two-Bedroom Apartment Plans

  1. The first model of department that we will see has the square shape, the room to the center and the two bedrooms on both sides, we emphasize that the social zone is a space without crossing of circulations being well defined for its functions, this design has the kitchen (kitchenette) Closed linear so there are no direct visuals from the room to this food preparation area.

  2. In this second design has been zoned the private area in one place (see right side of the plane), the main entrance is through the center of the house that leads directly to the room and indirectly to the bedrooms; The kitchen-dining room is located to the left side of the plane, in this way we can see three clearly defined areas: left services, social center and private right with the two bedrooms.

two bedroom apartment plan 2 bedroom apartment house plans intended for two bedroom apartment plans TwoBedroom Apartment Plans, Selection of 50 Designs That Will Inspire You In the Construction

  1. This department design is illuminated naturally by the front and has an outside exit through a side terrace (left of the plane), due to the small space available has been reduced the living room and kitchen-dining room, has been designed a bedroom Main and a secondary one, the department has a large bathroom.

We believe that if only one front is available for illumination and for the main entrance, the functions could be performed normally if small changes are made.

  1. The following design has a large outdoor terrace that is a natural extension of the room, the social area includes living room and kitchen-dining room in one space, in the front of the apartment are located the two bedrooms, one main and another for children.

two bedroom apartment

  1. Despite having a small area the interior looks wide, has designed a wall with an angle of break in circulation that goes from the room to the bedrooms, this detail gives dynamism to the interior design, as well as model number 3 this design can Allow natural ventilation and income to be by the front when there are party walls.

  2. In this plan of department have been separated the social areas with high walls, although nowadays it is usually designed the room and the kitchen-dining room together to maximize spaces in some cases and according to the requirement of the owners the designers Delimit the areas with walls to separate the functions and give greater privacy, in this design you have to take into account that you must have a terrain that allows to open at least at the front and back.

  3. A plane with a typical layout of environments, follows the following route: Main entrance (bottom right of the planes) we find a kitchen with island and in front of the room, then two bedrooms, one of them main with Bathroom, the other bathroom is shared by the dormitory of children and the occupants of the social zone.

  4. With a simple and uncomplicated distribution of environments, the following drawing model is developed in a rectangular terrain, has a living room and kitchen-dining room, two bedrooms and a bathroom located in front of the kitchenette, is a design to build economic and functional.

two bedroom apartment floor plan bedroom medium 1 bedroom in two bedroom apartment plans TwoBedroom Apartment Plans, Selection of 50 Designs That Will Inspire You In the Construction

  1. A distribution of environments that develops in a square ground, has separated the kitchen room (we believe it would be possible to remove the walls of the kitchen to give a feeling of greater amplitude to the social zone), has two rooms one of them main With bathroom included, the second bathroom is shared, however, thanks to it has two doors can be accessed directly from the children’s bedroom (see central bottom of the plane).

  2. The following design has two income to the house, one for the living room and another for the kitchen, has two bedrooms and one bathroom, is ideal for very small land; As a possible change you can have a single income (the one in the room) without this change modifying the correct operation.

  3. House design has a large outdoor terrace, comfortable bedrooms and two bathrooms, we believe possible that could reduce the terrace and/or combine it with an outdoor garden giving a pleasant view to the interior environments.

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two bedroom apartment floor plan bedroom medium 1 bedroom in two bedroom apartment plans TwoBedroom Apartment Plans, Selection of 50 Designs That Will Inspire You In the Construction


  1. The main income we can see in the bottom right of the plane, as soon as we enter the design of a kitchen with an island of oval shape and a small to be in the background, two bedrooms each with space for desk or comfortable , the bathroom has the sink on the outside.

  2. Next, a design with access to the central part (stairs), with the obvious passages with wall cladding, large environments are appreciated.

  3. Modern apartment has a large living room, dining room and kitchen, the master bedroom has its own bathroom and direct access to a small terrace, the second bathroom (with double door) is shared between the secondary bedroom and the occupants of the social zone.

  4. Here is an alternative to the layout of the terrain in the previous design:

Modern department design in medium-sized terrain
Distribution of environments in medium-sized land

  1. The main entrance is located in the central part of the department, if we go to the right is located a comfortable living room, dining room (for six people) and kitchen in the form of “L”, the occupants of the social zone have access to the outside through a terrace; The private area has two bedrooms, in this area are located two bathrooms one complete and another for visits.

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  1. The Department has been zoned in two parts, to the left of the plane we can see the living-dining room and close to the entrance the kitchen and dining room of daily, to the right two bedrooms, the main one has bathroom and a small walk in closet; The house has two terraces located on both sides, one for the social zone and another private for the master bedroom.

  2. The next plane includes a skylight which gives us more possibilities when it comes to illuminating the interior rooms, this design is ideal when you have a terrain with party walls as you can orient the windows to the front and to the skylight (which can Become an indoor garden if it is located on a first floor).

  3. Just as we have seen in the model N° 13 the lack of walls in the circulations can appreciate more ample environments, in this design we can see the main entrance in the upper right of the plane from this location is carried out a continuous route to all the rooms in the apartment.