10 Bedroom Design Styles

We can not argue that bedroom is the most private part that reflect the personality of its owner among all the other room in the house. Even nowdays bedroom not only a place to rest and sleep, but also the core place where everything begins and ends with. In fact, some of youtube creator shoot their video from their bedroom which shows what kind of bedroom design style they choose.

Therefore, it is necessary to decorate your bedroom with the most aesthetically design as you like and make it most comfortable for you. Then you can enjoy it with pleasant feeling as you are entering your room. In this article, we collaborate top ten bedroom design styles which may match with your style.

  1. Eclactic

Eclactic bedroom design style is a combination of variety styles in different periods in which being brought together through the use of different color, texture, shape and even the furniture in it. The natural pallete color is used to bind all the elements in the room. While the lines and finishes pattern is tied  together by the color. Later, simple furniture yet artstictic make the feel of eclactic style is much stronger. Thus, this combination give artstictic look, yet warm.

  1. Cottage

If you like something simple, yet make you feel so cozy; Cottage bedroom design style is right for you. By using neutral palatte color, the wooden and vintage furniture give feel of cottage bedroom design style is so comfortable.

However do not place a lot of furniture in your bedroom. Give it some space in order to make your bedroom breathable, the space will make your cottage bedroom design style feel so cozy.

  1. Mediterranean

Mediterranean bedroom design style is a mix style in which including southwestern, Moroccan, Tuscan, Spanish and italian interior design. They give warm, earthy and rich textures to the room as you walk in.

Try different mediterranean pattern to your furniture and get it along with homologous color palatte such as sea and sky. Adding terra-cotta tiles, linen gordyn with pattern , and arched windows also give you finishes touch of mediterranean bedroom design style much stronger.

  1. Romantic

In romantic bedroom design style, it potrays the room to feel romantic, elegant, calm, warm and comfortable. This style is also can be combine with another design styles.

The soft, warm, neutral  tones or pastel colors palatte is often used in this style. These color create soft atmosphere as the relaxed romantic mood.

By adding painted, antique or vintage pieces furniture also straightened your romantic style. The lighting usually use warm color tones or even adding some candles.

  1. Contemporary

As the trends goes around, contemporary bedroom design style is get along with it by using the principle of simplicity. This design style use a lot of natural lights, and minimalism palatte colors.

Therefore large windows and high ceiling is one of the feature for this style. The furniture that is used more like like light furniture both in term of weight and appearances. The floor itself tend to be bare floor which there is no addition of carpet in the room itself.

  1. Asian

In this bedroom design style, there are a lot of different kind of elements that can be combine in order to create asian bedroom design style. Most of people tend to choose japanese and chinese style.

Clean and full appearance by the addition of asian pattern evokes a calm and serene feel as you walk into the room. The palatte color itself is depends on what style do you use. However, it is common to use neutral color and constrasting color to your bedroom.

The addition of small plant such as bamboo or bonsai tree also be the highight of your room. Nevertheless, using simple furniture to your bedroom give stronger looks of asian design style.

  1. Coastal

This ocean inspired bedroom design style often combine several elements to give the cozy, free and laid back appearance. This design usually use pastel color and combined with white color palatte.

The addition of one significant pattern also one of the element of this design. The built in and free standing furniture also use in this design and give some space to make your bedroom stress-free. High ceilling and vintage or wooden ornament also works in this design style.

  1. Modern

Simplicity is a must for modern bedroom design style. It does not require heavy furniture both in appearance and in the weight. It only require the furniture that you need.

The minimalist and clean color palatte is used in this design. Do not overwhelmed it with different color or else your modern design will be ruined. Use simple pattern in the fabrics such as tribal or geometric pattern.

Adding some small sculpture or abstract painted in the wall also give your room look modern. At the end, do not overload your room with a lot of furniture, keep it as simple as you can.

  1. Old World

The old world style give different looks as you walk in. It evokes a luxurious and aesthetic feeling to your room.

Use goth ornamental like in mid-centuries details in the furniture such as chandelier and your bed. Wooden ceiling beams, clean color wallpaper, antique lighting, and carpet is a must key design elements in this style. The color palattes in this bedroom design is a combination color between dark and bright color.

  1. Traditional

Different from modern bedroom design style, traditional bedroom design style brought everything together. It has a lot of elements that being combine together. This design often uses heavy and bold furnishing with rich in detail and color.

There are a lot of ornament in the room, however it preserve the comfort of the room by give them the feeling of relieve. The color palatte for this style is often use neutral with dark color and metalic such as gold and iron like color. Using chandelier and warm tone lighting also added the comfy feeling for this design style.

Based on what we already discuss above, there are a lot of bedroom design style that you can choose. You can pick whether one or more to create your own bedroom design style and enjoy it as soon as you enter your bedroom.

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